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Hospitality. Leisure. Operational Real-Estate

Strategic. Investment. Management.


Wallgate is a specialised asset-management business, focused on operational real-estate assets, primarily in the hospitality & leisure sector.

The firm benefits from an unrivalled track record, delivering significant absolute and relative returns for its capital partners and proven credit-recovery strategies for its banking clients.

Our experience covers single assets to portfolios; limited-service to luxury; independently operated to internationally-branded; and third-party management agreements to the establishment and development of in-house operating platforms.

Our investment expertise comprises both equity and debt-investments covering strategic and opportunistic investments as well as loan-to-own and restructuring strategies.



Every opportunity is unique and every capital partner's requirements differ.

We seek to identify strategies and create solutions that optimise the investment opportunity for the appropriate capital base:

  • Long-term, lower-risk core/core+ capital strategies

  • Opportunistic and special situations investing

  • Financial strategies - preferred equity/mezzanine finance, joint-ventures, growth-focused minority investments  


Our fundamental principle is one of an active asset-manager - turning underwritten business plans into deliverable investments through a "cradle to grave" approach.


We work with our partners to:

  • Identify and diligence opportunities - develop actionable business plans.

  • Execute transactions - negotiate with; counterparties; third-party finance providers; management teams and; brands.

  • Exit the investment - development of the sale "story" and next-buyer investment case; management of the sale process; negotiation with counterparties.


Strategy is underpinned by our focus on operational delivery: ​

  • Manage the investment - management oversight (including governance and board representation); creating and managing operational teams; identification and execution of operational asset-management initiatives; capital investment analysis and oversight.

  • Optimise the investment structure - hold v sell analysis; strategic bolt-ons and opportunistic divestments; corporate structure and tax planning considerations. 

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